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مركز كمبيوتر ك زويلة

A new service from Pope Kyrollos VI Computer Center in Zweila to broadcast church Sunday schools services and all occasions.
Online Weddings and Baptisms on PKCC Radio
Contact us to learn more about the service
or whatsapp: 01224570094

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More information

Radio of Pope Kyrollos VI Computer Center in the Church of Our Lady, Marjirjis, and Abu Seifin, in the sailors of Zewaila. To serve the people and youth of the church, ask what you like to hear and we will put it on the radio program.
The service and meeting programs will be broadcast live on the radio

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مركز كمبيوتر ك زويلة

راديو مركز كمبيوتر البابا كيرلس السادس بكنيسة السيدة العذراء ومارجرجس وابى سيفين بحارة زويلة، لخدمة شعب وشباب الكنيسة، اطلب ما تحب ان تسمع